The Direct2HR Albertsons Login provides employees with easy and secure access to financial and employment information. This employee portal from Direct2HR at Albertsons truly offers convenience beyond compare. Using a computer or even a smartphone connected to the internet, employees of Albertson’s or Safeway can access all employee services.


Direct2HR Benefits

Having access to Albertsons, Shaw’s, Vons, and Safeways employee login portals is beneficial to employees in many ways. You can take advantage of the following benefits when you access the official employee login portal:

  • Employees can track their performance through performance reviews.
  • It is easy for the company to reward an employee who has performed excellently.
  • Your company can provide you with information about your leave and reimburse you for it.
  • Through this portal, employees can request leave quickly.
  • Furthermore, employees are able to communicate with customers.


  • Discounts and promotions are easy to locate for employees.
  • It’s easy for employees to contact their employers and communicate with other employees.
  • Through the employee portal, employees can see what daily tasks they have been assigned by the company.
  • It is even possible for employees to access their schedules on the portal and plan their weeks accordingly.
  • The portal provides plenty of information regarding your payroll. In case you have any questions regarding your payroll, you can ask HR.

After all of this, it is quite evident that Direct2HR is an incredible employee portal. It is convenient and accessible from anywhere, anytime. You can, however, ask the customer support team for assistance if you encounter any problems while accessing the portal. Those needing further assistance can call 1-877-286-3200 to get in touch with Albertsons Companies Technology Support Center.