Direct2HR Login gives employees easy access to their financial and employment services and provides a secure environment. This Albertson’s employee portal truly offers unmatched convenience.


You can easily log into your account if you are an Albertsons, Shaw, Vons, or Safeway employee. The login process is very simple and only takes a few minutes. There is a lot of high-quality information and resources on this platform.

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Albertson’s Direct2HR makes it easy to obtain HR details and information.

It is one of the valuable tools and systems that allow employees to access their payroll data online, retain personal information, get relevant information from the source, in the questions, and your access to the status, communicate online with your employer and enjoy other benefits. 

Direct2HR Login Process

In this section, we discuss how to connect Albertson employees through Direct2hr.Safeway.com. If you are a member of Albertsons Corporation, you can visit the website above to access the employee portal. The official login portal is designed to assist and assist you in posting your work hours, achievements, and other items such as company announcements, available work, transfer, pay, holidays, etc.


At Albertsons, a supervisor or manager manages the workforce by creating schedules, validating timesheets, and managing requests from their employees. To log in to the Albertsons employee portal:

  • Visit the official login portal at www.direct2hr.safeway.com in your browser.
  • On this page, you will see two fields: username and password.
  • Enter the appropriate information and click the Login button.
  • You can also log in by entering a unique one-time pin.

The login portal is important because employees can stay in touch with companies, employees, and customers. In addition, they can stay up-to-date on your job, performance, and salary updates.

Not only can you use the portal to manage your work hours, benefits, and other things like corporate communications, available work, transfer, payroll, vacations, etc., but you can also manage your work hours, benefits, and contacts. Supervisors and administrators manage the Albertsons workforce by creating schedules, validating timesheets, and managing employee requests.

Albertsons offers automated HR solutions through this program. Logging in with your employee credentials allows employees to access any system. If an employee belongs to the category of authorized personnel, they are given a username and password to access the system.

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