[the_ad id=’99’] As part of its offerings, Albertsons offers Direct2HR. Additionally, they also manage another popular service, MySchedule. If you are an employee of the company, you can use this service. Please note that these services are only available to current employees and authorized members.


Currently, MySchedule is only available to Denver, Houston, eastern and northern California, Seattle, Southern California, and the southwest. Additionally, you can request a time slot through this feature. You can log in to MySchedule with your respective employee ID, or you can use LDAP to obtain the username, password, and other credentials. 

With the help of this portal, you can request time off for employees and examine their weekly schedules. As with Direct2HR, MySchedule is also protected and secured by My Schedule Safeway’s software and computer system. 

The Safeway system monitors every access for purposes of security and law enforcement. Punishment and criminal prosecution will result from unauthorized entry and other forms of intrusion.

mySchedule users sign in much the same way as Direct2HR users do. It is not difficult to enroll, you just have to go to the official website and enter your username and password. Click the login button once you have entered all the information, and now you can easily access your account. 

Through this portal, you can easily access all the details of your weekly plan, manage your schedule, and even update it according to your convenience. The Albertsons Company employee resource center provides an online service that is available for all Albertsons employees. Typically, access to such online services is reserved for authorized employees of a company, and they would need to provide their personal credentials in order to gain access.